4th Annual South Lake Tahoe Food and Wine Festival


Calling all foodies – the fourth annual South Lake Tahoe Food and Wine Festival is taking place this weekend. Clear your calendar for November 9th and 10th and make your way to Stateline for a delectable food tour at Harrah’s and Harveys.

Adding to the food scene in South Lake Tahoe, this weekend-long feast will have you nibbling on celebrity chef creations and sipping sumptuous wines. For those serious food lovers out there take part in a session put on by celebrity chef Robert Irvine and to all you wine connoisseurs;  rejoice, for there are not one, but three wine seminars to take part in!


Even if you aren’t that thrilled by the idea of a celebrity chef you can absolutely enjoy and appreciate the grand market where you will be able to sample food from local vendors as well as boutique food creators from across the country. Finally for those barbecue and blues fans there is the ultimate tailgate taking place at the Harveys convention center.15034food-and-fine-festival

Whether you’re a local foodie or in town to enjoy the sites, be sure to make some time to stop by the 4th annual South Lake Tahoe food and wine festival – it’s a treat for all!

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