The City of South Lake Tahoe Bans the use of Plastic Bags

In an effort to be more green and a leader in this environmental initiative that has been implemented in many cities across the nation, South Lake Tahoe has decided to ban the use of plastic bags. Being located along the shores of Lake Tahoe and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, sustainability and preservation are imperative.



So what does this mean for the local residents and Tahoe travelers? It’s simple really – distribution of single-use carry-out bags will cease. No more plastic grocery bags, food to-go will not come in the traditional plastic bag, and retail shops will eliminate plastic shopping totes of any kind. For more information check out the City of South Lake Tahoe Website.

Lucky for you, there are many perks to this initiative! Number one being less stress on the environment ensuring that you and future generations will be able to enjoy the beauty that is Lake Tahoe. PLUS eliminating the Bag Monster – did you know that on shopper goes through 500 plastic bags per year? Learn more about the bag monster.




In the meantime we suggest stocking up on your re-usable cloth bags for any shopping trips – we love the Chico Bag. Affordable, large yet easy to compact, and a major player in this initiative to eliminate the use of plastic bags.




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