Working Out in the Winter in South Lake Tahoe

The snow and occasional below zero temperature in South Lake Tahoe make going outside in the winter time pretty undesirable – that is unless you are participating in some of our recommended South Lake adventures! If the weather outside is keeping you from your fitness goals try some of our tips for in home workouts or check out the indoor facilities South Lake Tahoe has to offer. Whether your in Tahoe for a visit or a year round resident these indoor activities will keep you warm and in shape throughout the winter


  1. South Tahoe Ice Arena – Figure skating, ice hockey, curling, birthday parties and more! The Ice arena is open year round to residents and visitors.
  2. Anytime Fitness is Zephyr Cove – Open Monday thru Saturday anyone with a membership can swing by. Just visiting? That’s ok too, be prepared for a one time drop-in fee. Be sure to make appointments if you’re trying to hit this gym on a Sunday.
  3. Sierra Athletic Club – One of Tahoe’s favorites and located right in the Tahoe Keys. This gym is perfect if you are staying at Windows on the water or Waterfront Reflections located in the Tahoe Keys.
  4. Kahle Community Center – A quick drive up Kingsbury grade, this community center is an all indoor fitness mecca. Bring the whole family, this place is open year round to visitors and residents.
  5. Mountain Yoga – Just a hop skip and a jump away from the Sierra Athletic Club in the Tahoe Keys, Mountain Yoga offers many variations of yoga including heated classes.
  6. Push Fitness – For the total gym experience check out Push with their indoor climbing wall and Waters Day Spa.

Santa Clause Comes to South Lake Tahoe on a Fire Truck

Last night Santa Clause made the rounds via fire engine. Escorted by South Lake Tahoe’s finest, Santa made sure to make a stop by all the neighborhoods and hand out candy canes with his little helpers. As Christmas music filled the air you knew Santa would be drawing near. If you didn’t catch a glimpse of Santa on his shiny red fire engine last night we caught the magical moment right here and view our video.Image

South lake Tahoe Sunsets

Honestly have you ever seen anything so beautiful? South Lake Tahoe is a naturally beautiful place, but add a perfect sunset over the water with a snow covered doc and voila! perfection. Sunsets like these are not hard to come by in the Pavati house. Stay here to capture the romance and beauty of Lake Tahoe!


Top 5 Places to Dine on a Budget in South Lake Tahoe

It is going to be an epic weekend! The hills are covered in real snow that feel from the sky, you and your buds plan to hit the slopes hard. And after that long day bombing down the hill it hits you, time to get some grub. But, after not winning big on the penny slots last night, paying for transportation and lift tickets, this meals gotta be on a budget. Scope out our favorite places in South Lake to dine on a dime!


  1. Tahoe Brewery – This is not to be confused with Stateline brewery! Tahoe Brewery has a traditional menu with OK prices, but it’s the pizza to go here for. Some of the best pizza in town and a large pie is enough to feed all your friends. Be sure to grab one of their in house brews while you’re there.
  2. Riva Grill – Another spot you wouldnt traditionally go for a deal of a meal, however if you pop in to happy hour in the bar from 4:00-6:30 PM appetizers are half off. Generous portions and plenty to choose from, three people can get in and out without breaking the bank.
  3. Sprouts cafe – This half service spot is disguised as a health food restaurant, but don’t let the name fool you! There is something for everyone! We recommend the Ugly Gooey Nachos – enough to feed an army for about $10.00
  4. Margarita’s Mexican Cafe – While South Lake Tahoe isn’t necessarily know for the Mexican fare, this place is one of the best in town.
  5. Fasta Pasta – Authentic Italian and hearty portions – Fasta Pasta is the perfect place for a hot plate that will inevitably leave you with left overs for your next meal.

Top 6 Nontraditional Winter Vacation Activities in South Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe in the winter isn’t just about the skiing, boarding, snowball fights, snow shoeing, building snow men, drinking hot chocolate and of course cozying up by the fire to dry out after a magical day in the snow. No, can you believe that there is actually more! Lake Tahoe in the winter is a glittering, snow filled playground for kids and adults! If you haven’t been interested in joining a snowboarding lesson, have an entire snowman family in the yard, or feel like you have seriously done everything, then check this out! We have a list of not-so traditional activities that may pique your interest:


  1. Lake Tahoe Helicopter Tours – Take in the breathtaking sights and views of Lake Tahoe from above! With tour packages from 10 minutes to 45 minutes, Lake Tahoe Tours has the best package for you. 
  2. Lake Tahoe Sport Fishing – Year round fishing in Tahoe makes a chartered trip this winter a must! Fish Tahoe’s hot spots on a guided boat tour from Tahoe Sport Fishing.
  3. Sleigh Rides – Riding in a one horse open sleigh just got real! Enjoy this holiday tradition all snuggled up with the whole family. 30 minute and hour long sleigh rides are available in South Lake Tahoe from Borges Family Sleigh rides.
  4. Cross Country Skiing – Down hill not your thing? Enjoy the beauty of South Lake Tahoe on cross country trails located at Camp Rich, voted best place to cross country ski. Trails are groomed and range from expert to beginner.
  5. Snowmobiling – Offered by Lake Tahoe Adventures, snowmobiling and ATVing make for a day filled with excitement and adventure. Join a two hour tour for all skill levels and see Tahoe from a whole new view!
  6. Dog Sled Tour – Not only reserved for Alaska! This adventure of a lifetime boasts a wilderness tour driven by a beautiful dog sled team. Available in North and South Lake Tahoe.

Sled Like a Pro in South Lake Tahoe this Winter

The cold air dries your eyes as you whip down the hill, hair blows behind you, and adrenalin pumps through your veins as you make a crash landing at the bottom of the hill – Yes it is that time of year again, time for sledding!


Not much is more exciting than a sled hill freshly dusted with glimmering white snow. No matter your age, sledding is an outdoor activity that any family member can participate in and will inevitably result in perma-smile. With so many people on the sled hills, from novice to expert, sledding can get a little tricky. To avoid high speed collisions and any form of injury check out our tips for a successful day of play on the hill.

  1. Don’t walk on the on the sled runs – Not only does this make the run icy, bump, and less ideal for sledding, it slows down the flow of traffic and increases your risk of being hit by a rogue or uncontrollable sled.
  2. Hold onto your sled – At the bottom of the hill quickly grab your sled to return to the top. When at the top of the hill don’t let your sled or saucer slide down without you!
  3. Sit face forward – OK, so this is not nearly as fun, but trust us, it’s just safer this way.
  4. Get out of the way! – Once you are done with your run, make room for other sledders. They are coming in hot!
  5. Saucers are not Frisbees – While this seems obvious, we feel it needs to be said: don’t toss, throw, or try to Frisbee your saucers, sleds, or inner tubes!