Sled Like a Pro in South Lake Tahoe this Winter

The cold air dries your eyes as you whip down the hill, hair blows behind you, and adrenalin pumps through your veins as you make a crash landing at the bottom of the hill – Yes it is that time of year again, time for sledding!


Not much is more exciting than a sled hill freshly dusted with glimmering white snow. No matter your age, sledding is an outdoor activity that any family member can participate in and will inevitably result in perma-smile. With so many people on the sled hills, from novice to expert, sledding can get a little tricky. To avoid high speed collisions and any form of injury check out our tips for a successful day of play on the hill.

  1. Don’t walk on the on the sled runs – Not only does this make the run icy, bump, and less ideal for sledding, it slows down the flow of traffic and increases your risk of being hit by a rogue or uncontrollable sled.
  2. Hold onto your sled – At the bottom of the hill quickly grab your sled to return to the top. When at the top of the hill don’t let your sled or saucer slide down without you!
  3. Sit face forward – OK, so this is not nearly as fun, but trust us, it’s just safer this way.
  4. Get out of the way! – Once you are done with your run, make room for other sledders. They are coming in hot!
  5. Saucers are not Frisbees – While this seems obvious, we feel it needs to be said: don’t toss, throw, or try to Frisbee your saucers, sleds, or inner tubes!

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