Working Out in the Winter in South Lake Tahoe

The snow and occasional below zero temperature in South Lake Tahoe make going outside in the winter time pretty undesirable – that is unless you are participating in some of our recommended South Lake adventures! If the weather outside is keeping you from your fitness goals try some of our tips for in home workouts or check out the indoor facilities South Lake Tahoe has to offer. Whether your in Tahoe for a visit or a year round resident these indoor activities will keep you warm and in shape throughout the winter


  1. South Tahoe Ice Arena – Figure skating, ice hockey, curling, birthday parties and more! The Ice arena is open year round to residents and visitors.
  2. Anytime Fitness is Zephyr Cove – Open Monday thru Saturday anyone with a membership can swing by. Just visiting? That’s ok too, be prepared for a one time drop-in fee. Be sure to make appointments if you’re trying to hit this gym on a Sunday.
  3. Sierra Athletic Club – One of Tahoe’s favorites and located right in the Tahoe Keys. This gym is perfect if you are staying at Windows on the water or Waterfront Reflections located in the Tahoe Keys.
  4. Kahle Community Center – A quick drive up Kingsbury grade, this community center is an all indoor fitness mecca. Bring the whole family, this place is open year round to visitors and residents.
  5. Mountain Yoga – Just a hop skip and a jump away from the Sierra Athletic Club in the Tahoe Keys, Mountain Yoga offers many variations of yoga including heated classes.
  6. Push Fitness – For the total gym experience check out Push with their indoor climbing wall and Waters Day Spa.

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