Have You Seen the Secretive Snowshoe Hare?

After spending significant time in the Lake Tahoe area, we have been lucky enough to see the elusive snowshoe hare. In-fact a long stint in the North Shore area allowed us to deem one of these furry little creatures ours. On occasion we would be graced by the presence of a sweet little white bunny. Adorable and very friendly this little rabbit would make evening visits to our back deck. While we enjoyed and looked forward to these visits, we didn’t know just how lucky we were!

Despite thousands of visitors to the Lake Tahoe area every year, many never catch a glimpse of the snowshoe hare. This small, nocturnal and super camouflaged bunny can be found throughout the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Reports of this magical snow rabbit began in the 1940’s on the Nevada side of the lake and have since been documented in many location around the lake.

Sadly this little bunny’s status is “vulnerable” in Nevada and “possibly imperiled” in California. An action plan is now in place to track and study the snowshoe hare in order to preserve this much needed species. For more information on Nevada’s Wildlife Action Plan, please visit www.ndow.org



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