Hotels Vs. Vacation Rentals in South Lake Tahoe

If you’re looking for more than a forgettable hotel room to spend some time in on your vacation, it’s time to consider a vacation rental. Often times a home rental can provide some of the most spectacular experiences in South Lake Tahoe, something the plethora of casino hotels and tiny motels cannot do. When planning your next getaway to South Lake Tahoe, consider these top ten reasons why a vacation rental is the best option for you!


  1. More Space – Lets face it, hotel rooms aren’t designed to be fully functional for families of four, nor are they built for sprawling out and relaxing. Hotel rooms average about 400 square feet while the average vacation home is roughly 2,000 square feet. That’s 5 TIMES the space!
  2. Keeping family together – Our vacation rentals can often sleep any number of people from 2 to 20 we’ve got a home for you. Not only does this allow all your friends and family to be under one roof together, but mom and dad don’t have to share with the kids! Additionally, cost splitting between multiple guests keeps the cost per person low.
  3. Even More Savings – RnR Vacation rentals are equipped with all you need to prepare your own meals and in some cases boast gourmet chef’s kitchens. Cooking your own meals for even just some of the time will alleviate some of the tremendous costs associated with eating out. Plus you keep those picky eaters and special dieters happy and healthy!
  4. Wardrobe Changes – Our South Lake Tahoe homes have laundry rooms with washers and dryers. Go ahead and get dirty, in home laundry allows you avoid unneccessary dry cleaning or clothing purchases.
  5. Mad Entertainment – RnR Vacation Rentals are equipped with TV’s, DVD players, movies, and some include video games and pool tables! Never experience a dull moment in an RnR home, whether you’re relaxing at the house for a day or need to unwind, everyone will be entertained 100% of the time.
  6. FREE Parking – Driveways and car ports come standard with a vacation rentals. While hotel parking can get expensive quickly, each of our homes has free parking for multiple vehicles for you to use the entire duration of your stay.
  7. Views Included – weather you are looking for a lakefront home, gorgeous moutain views, or secluded cottage nestled away from it all, RnR Vacation Rentals has what you are looking for in South Lake Tahoe. Never request a lakeview room again and no need to upgrade for the balcony – all your requests can be found within the right home for you!
  8. Ultimate Privacy – renting your own home means no running into staff or other guests, private hot tub use in all of our homes, and blissful privacy during your entire vacation. South Lake is an awesome place to relax, leave you worries behind and step into an RnR Vacation rental to get away from it all.
  9. Get Married – As one of the top destination wedding spots, our South Lake Tahoe homes offer a wonderful spot to gather or great option for wedding guests to stay together and save on hotel room costs.
  10. Quality and Customer Service RnR Vacation Rentals have top of the lin sheets, updated and upgraded homes and many other perks. The beauty of our homes is that we are there to help with anything at all, if and when you need it. Enjoy the privacy of a private home, but need something from us and we’re on it!

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