Wild Flower Walk in Washoe Meadows

Looking for something fun and unique to do this summer on your Lake Tahoe vacation? Check out the natural beauty of Washoe Meadows. Washoe Meadows State park offers educational guided tours that are free! 

We took the guided wildflower hike and all we can say is, “wow”. Not only did we learn about the vast array of flowers in Washoe Meadows, we were able to take in the extreme beauty of the park. This tour is great for all ages and is an easy hike. 

The Park is the traditional summer home of the Washoe tribe of Native Americans. Purchased by Californians in 1984, Washoe Meadows is now a public park dedicated to preservation so many can enjoy its beauty for years to come.

The non-profit, Washoe Meadows Community, is an organization consisting of volunteers, conservationists, and supporters from all over California. This wonderful organization is dedicated to preserving all that Washoe Meadows has to offer. Through tours, education and media outreach preservation continues to be possible.

For more information on Washoe Meadows please visit their website: www.washoemeadowscommunity.org


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