Take your Kids to the Lake Tahoe Fall Fish Festival

October in South Lake Tahoe is a wonderful time; no crowds, gorgeous weather and still the city is packed with plenty of activities for the whole family.


October is especially known for the Fall Fish Festival. Once known as the Kokonee Salmon festival, the Fall Fish Festival in Lake Tahoe is held at Taylor Creek each year, nearby Camp Richardson. This fishy festival focuses on the differnt species of fish that are in Lake Tahoe and the connecting streams, rivers, and tributaries.

Kokanee Salmon are named for the red color and tend to be smaller than other salmon species, 14 inches long. Kokanees were not indiginous to Lake Tahoe. They were accidentally introduced due to an overflow at the old Tahoe City Hatchery in 1949. To learn more about the Kokanee Salmon and the upcoming Fish Festival visit the Tahoe Kids Guide and just a reminder bears LOVE the Fall Fish Festival as well. Read on for tips on how to be safe in the event of a bear encounter during this time, from the Merced Sun. For more fun happening in South Lake Tahoe in October, check out our calendar of events!



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