Lake Tahoe Ski Season Opening Dates

It’s that time of year, fall is coming to a close and the winter air is sending chills through our spine. It’s also that same winter air that sends shivers of anticipation through our core. We’re talking pure excitement, can barely wait, ready to get on the hill and shred the moment the mountains in Lake Tahoe open.

Usually, mid to late November brings about this change in our behavior and has us, along with thousands of other powder pushers packing our things and headed for the hills. And by hills, don’t mean the bunny hill, we mean top of the peak, views of Lake Tahoe from every angle, king of the mountain. 

So who is joining us this month? Let’s get out there and celebrate winter by hitting the slopes on opening day at these ski resorts:

2014 Ski Lake Tahoe Opening Dates
Alpine Meadows – December 12
Heavenly – November 21
Kirkwood – November 22
Mt. Rose – Ski Tahoe – Open Friday-Sunday starting November 7
Northstar California – November 21
Sierra-at-Tahoe – TBA
Squaw Valley – November 26
Sugar Bowl – November 26
Homewood – TBA


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