High Roller Hold ‘Em World Cup

We know that April 4th 2015, sounds like it’s a long way away – we haven’t even finished up 2014! But, we’re excited to let you in on some info regarding the newly announced High Roller Hold ‘Em on the World Cup Run at Heavenly Mountain Resort in South Lake Tahoe.

This event is the equivelant of combining a big air competition with the mental skills of a traditional Texas Hold ’em poker tournament. Some of the top snowboard athletes will be here, in South Lake Tahoe competeing at the High Roller Hold ‘Em. Considered one of the biggest parties and snowboard competitions to hit the scene in South Lake Tahoe, will feature DJ’s, live music, and of course; pyrotechnics.

Now that we’ve got you all pumped for the biggest party this Spring, we need to remind you: High Roller Hold ‘Em is happening April 4th, 2015. Want to learn more about rules of the game, competitors, and big money that will be handed out? Head over to Tahoe South for the full details.


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