New Vacation Rental Guidelines for South Lake Tahoe

It’s been in talks for quite some time now and implementing potential new rules on South Lake Tahoe Vacation rentals is closer to becoming a reality. While nothing has been set in place, the City has decided to move forward with a few new guidelines that will help reduce vacation rental – related complaints.

RnR Vacation RentalsSo what does this mean for you as a vacationer and how will this impact the homes you rent from RnR Vacation Rentals? As of right now, the impact on RnR and guests is minimal. Once the rules and changes have been defined, RnR will implement these changes to their policies and abide all city guidelines. While it’s still too early for us to provide the exact details on the new rules, a city meeting that took place two nights ago, discussed potential changes and additions.

Following the current RnR guidelines and rules will protect you and other guests from potential complaints and violations.

  • Stick to the Numbers. Do not exceed number of guests or vehicles parked at the home, these are rules outlined by the city for vacation rentals, not us at RnR. Following this will prevent any chance of violation or infraction from the city of South Lake Tahoe.
  • Be Respectful of Residents. All of our homes are in residential areas with year round residents. Please, do not disturb the neighbors and observe the 10:00 PM quiet time as outlined by the city of South Lake Tahoe.
  • Park Properly. Observe parking restrictions in winter months to avoid towing or being hit by plows or cars. Winter Public Street Parking 10/15 – 4/15 or when more than 3 inches of show has accumulated. Cars are subject to citation and/or tow are those parked in the public street right-of-way.
  • Take Out the Trash. It’s not news that there are bears in South Lake Tahoe, but it’s bad news bears when they get into your trash. Or worse, sneak into the garage or on the porch to find a snack. Keep all garbage in containers located in the shed, bear box, or garage.
  • And, Just an FYI:  Applicable Laws as stated by the City of South Lake Tahoe: Occupant shall fully comply with all local, state, and federal laws while staying at the Property, including, without limitation, all city ordinances. Occupant acknowledges that it is Occupant’s responsibility to know, understand, and abide by all such laws and regulations.

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