Summer Travel Tips for Your Pup

It feels like Summer time in Tahoe has arrived early. With the little snowfall over the winter and already summer-like weather its safe to say winter is over. This means plenty of warm outdoor activities for you and your furry friends. South Lake Tahoe is full of pet friendly activities from hiking trails to dog friendly beaches, your fur baby can go with you just about anywhere.

IMG_2679With the dry summer weather here, there are some things to be aware of while travelling with your pet.

1. More cases of fleas, ticks and lice are being found on pets in the Tahoe area with these warmer winters.

2.  Allergies in the Tahoe area can be severe for both pets and people due to the abundance of vegetation in this area. Expect a longer allergy season this year for your pets.

3. Smoke from forest fires and prescribed burns can be expected this summer. Pets can suffer the same consequences as humans from prolonged environmental smoke inhalation.

4. As we get farther into spring and summer, there will be less and less water available in streams that would normally be running. Remember to carry enough water with you when hiking with your dogs.

5. Rattlesnakes are common in Nevada and South Lake Tahoe areas such as Lover’s Leap. A dog bitten by a rattlesnake must immediately be seen by emergency care, but the vaccines may give you a little more time to get to a clinic.


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