South Lake Tahoe Marina Info for 2015

Here is a recap of launch facilities for this year:

We encourage all our guests to call the Marina’s and Launch Sites prior to making your plans.  We have included the phone numbers and web site links for each so you can learn more about current conditions, hours of operation, trailer parking, and fees.  All boats MUST be inspected and pass the inspection for invasive species including the Quagga Mussel prior to launching.  If your boat does not have a “tag” indicating the boat has passed inspection, you will not be allowed to launch.  Visit to find the most convenient inspection location for you.


Tahoe Keys Marina –

2435 Venice Drive East Suite 100


Will be able to launch boats of most any size beginning early July (The launch ramp is closed right now as they are dredging and hope to complete by the end of June)

Lakeside Marina (by the casinos) –

4041 Lakeshore Blvd


Can currently launch boats up to 25’.  As the lake recedes in July and August, call ahead to see if they can launch your boat.

Cave Rock –

U.S. HWY 50 north of Zephyr Cove- Nevada


An affordable launch site.  Due to the closing of Sand Harbor’s boat ramp and the low level around the lake, expect this site to be very congested.

Trailer parking is may be limited or prohibited where you are staying.  If you are staying in a home at Tahoe Keys, Trailers may not be parked on the street or in a driveway.  Tahoe Keys Marina offers trailer parking for a fee.  For all homes, trailers must be parked on a paved service and count as a vehicle in the maximum number of vehicles you are allowed to park at the home.


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