10 More Ways to Savor Tahoe Summer

Earlier this week we shared 10 ways we love to savor the Tahoe summer. Well today, we’ve got 10 more fun-filled & delicious activities for you to try out when you come up to Tahoe before the end of summer.summer1

  1. Bicycle rentals: South Lake Tahoe boasts a number of bike rental spots. Two readers recommended Anderson’s Bicycle Rental; http://laketahoebikerental.com. For a surrey rental, try the Tahoe Bike Company; http://tahoebikecompany.com.
  2. Camp Richardson Corral: In addition to trail rides, this pack station offers hayrides, steak dinner rides and, in the winter, sleigh rides; www.camprichardsoncorral.com.
  3. Emerald Bay: Find details on this California state park, 12 miles north of South Lake Tahoe, at http://bit.ly/TahoeEmerald.
  4. Flume Trail: Dazzling views await on this memorable mountain bike trail that runs from Spooner Lake to Marlette Lake;www.zephyrcove.com/flumetrail.aspx.
  5. Heavenly Village: You’ll find shops, bistros and mini-golf during the summer and ice skating during the winter months here;www.theshopsatheavenly.com.
  6. Izzy’s Burger Spa: One of a kind tahoe experience. A family run burger spot in South Lake Tahoe; www.izzysburgerspatahoe.com.
  7. Lake Tahoe Yoga: This yoga company takes its “we practice yoga everywhere” mantra seriously, offering yoga classes on the beach, in the studio and out on the lake, atop stand-up paddleboards; www.laketahoeyoga.com.
  8. M.S. Dixie II: These paddle-wheeler cruises depart from Zephyr Cove, on the Nevada side, for a loop across the lake to Emerald Bay; www.zephyrcove.com.
  9. McP’s Tap house Grill: With 40 beers on tap, this tap house and grill near Stateline is a popular spot; www.mcpstaphousetahoe.com.
  10. Sand Harbor: The boat ramp for this harbor on the Nevada side of South Lake Tahoe is closed because of low water levels, but the beach is still a perfect summer playground. Find maps and details at http://parks.nv.gov/parks/sand-harbor.

10 Ways to Savor the Tahoe Summer

As the kids head back to school and the beaches of Lake Tahoe slowly quiet, now is a magical time to head of to South Shore. The weather is still beautiful, the crowds have dwindled and the calm of the lake is calling your name. Check out these 10 ways we take advantage of Lake Tahoe at the end of the summer.6_ATyear_round2e

  1. Visit the Beacon at Camp Rich – Camp Rich is packed with Activities, but there nothing quite like the vibes at the Beacon. Enjoy a sweet Rum Runner, delicious lunch and enjoy the sounds of the live music.
  2. Kick-Back at the Beach at Camp Rich – The beach here is perfect for the whole fam. You can relax and catch some sun, get in the water and rent many different water toys or get in some beach volleyball and other activities.
  3. Hike Bike, Walk, and Ride Camp Rich – Finally, you can take advantage of the less crowded trails at camp rich on your chosen method of transport. You can even visit the Camp Rich corral and take a guided trail ride.
  4. Water Ski in Emerald Bay – We know that lake Tahoe is cold! But nothing beats the beauty and calm of emerald bay. Head over around sunset for a killer view.
  5. Visit Zephyr Cove Beach – Head over to the Nevada side and take in the lively scenes at Zephyr cove. While crowds may be smaller this time of year, there is always some great entertainment!
  6. Take a Standup Paddle Board Class – From SUP Yoga to a beginners class, El Dorado beach has all your Stand Up Paddles needs covered.
  7. Bike Forest Path – This easy, pave 4 mile ride that parallels highway 89 is a quick ride. If you need to rent a bike, there are plenty of places scattered throughout all of South Lake Tahoe.
  8. Play Mini Golf at Heavenly Village – for a quick round of golf Heavenly Village has exactly what your inner kid is looking for. Hurry and get in your last few games before this mini golf course turns into an ice skating rink for the winter.
  9. Discover Historic sites – We have discovered a hidden gem in South Lake Tahoe: Tallac Historic Site. It has the Baldwin Museum, Vatican Lodge, Pope House tours, a children’s cooking program and living history programs.
  10. Drive around the lake – We may push this one a lot, but it’s one of our favorites. This time of year when the roads are less crowded HIghway 89 takes you on an adventure around the lake with breath-taking views the whole way.

Bears Come out to Eat in the Summer Heat

Summer recreation in Tahoe is unlimited! But, with activities like camping, picnics, and beach parties, you can also expect a few more bear sightings this time of year. chunky-bear-3

According to BEAR League Executive Director Ann Bryant, there have been many calls into the BEAR League’s hotline regarding sightings, break-ins and garbage rummaging, especially around Meyers and South Lake Tahoe’s “Y” area.

Not to mention the momma bear and two cubs we’ve seen foraging for food in the Tahoe Keys, several times.

With all these bear sightings in densely populated areas, it’s important to lock up and keep trash out of reach from critters. And in case you see a bear(s) remember to practice safety around wild animals. Commonly spotted black bears will likely run away and souldn’t be met with fear, but if a bear does not flee, do not approach them. Keep a respectful distance and call BEAR league to report your sighting.(530) 525-7297