Bears Come out to Eat in the Summer Heat

Summer recreation in Tahoe is unlimited! But, with activities like camping, picnics, and beach parties, you can also expect a few more bear sightings this time of year. chunky-bear-3

According to BEAR League Executive Director Ann Bryant, there have been many calls into the BEAR League’s hotline regarding sightings, break-ins and garbage rummaging, especially around Meyers and South Lake Tahoe’s “Y” area.

Not to mention the momma bear and two cubs we’ve seen foraging for food in the Tahoe Keys, several times.

With all these bear sightings in densely populated areas, it’s important to lock up and keep trash out of reach from critters. And in case you see a bear(s) remember to practice safety around wild animals. Commonly spotted black bears will likely run away and souldn’t be met with fear, but if a bear does not flee, do not approach them. Keep a respectful distance and call BEAR league to report your sighting.(530) 525-7297



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