Ride South Tahoe

The air has cooled, roads are less busy and now is the perfect time to hop on your bike and head up to South Lake Tahoe for a ride. Residents and long time Tahoe-goers know all to well that this is the best time of year and the best spots for a ride, but for first timers and those less familiar with the Tahoe area, there’s a new tool: BikeTahoe.org dee1dcc4-e1341623433688

This newly created site, launched this month and is a comprehensive guide for those interested in biking Tahoe. With over 20 South Lake Tahoe ride, complete with maps, trails, ratings, photos and descriptions, Bike Tahoe allows everyone to take advantage of this perfect time of year.

Bike Tahoe also provides information on many of the most popular rides in the greater Lake Tahoe area. From shore to shore, each ride is conveniently labeled for bike type and rider ability.

Of course, not every Tahoe treasure has been given away – some of the more difficult and tough to find rides are kept a secret intentionally. So throw your bikes on the racks and get up to South Lake to explore!


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