Bear Selfies Leading to Park Closures

Remember when we first talked about bear selfies? And then we mentioned it again shortly after that this mind-blowingly dangerous bear selfie was actually trending and not just in South Lake Tahoe!? Well this year, South Lake Tahoe officials are looking into taking action to prevent any activity that might endanger the public.3e957_

There is talk that officials may close the Taylor Creek Visitor Center at Lake Tahoe’s South Shore during the annual Kokanee salmon spawn. Guest have regularly been warned to keep a safe distance from the wild animals, but it seems this warning was ignored as people are still trying to get close to bears to take pictures.

Bears are unpredictable wild animals and may attack if they feel threatened. Wildlife authorities may kill bears if they attack people. The federal and state agencies do not encourage visits to see bears and advise the public to stay away from bears, as they may be dangerous wild animals.

More information on visiting bear country can be found at


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