The NEW Regan Beach

Do you remember many, many moons ago we talked about the re-design of Regan Beach?  And we mentioned that residents could participate in a workshop to contribute ideas to the overall plans? Well it finally happened, one year later, the plans for the new Regan Beach have been revealed.

The city and a consulting company, Design Workshop, revealed their final concept design for Regan Beach during a public workshop on Tuesday, Oct. 6, at the South Lake Tahoe Recreation Complex.

The plan, while still in the conceptual phase, will maintain Regan Beach’s atmosphere as a locals’ beach while still welcoming tourists.

The concept adds 120 feet of beach and 434 feet of seating along the length of the park. The plan increases beach access, especially for people with disabilities.

According to the plan, aging infrastructure will be replaced, more picnic tables will be added and a new adventure area introduced. The concession stand and restrooms will be replaced, and a kayak/paddleboard launch will be added. A natural rock wall will replace the current retaining wall.

The proposed 70-foot rock jetty also separates Regan Beach’s dog water park on the west end from the rest of the area. The grass lawn would be reduced from 27,051 square feet of lawn to 21,000 square feet, but remain centrally located and adjacent to the proposed adventure park play area. The adventure park completely replaces current recreational amenities with a more contemporary design.

New adventure play area amenities could include a log scramble, swings, slides, rope and rock climbing, nets and expanded boardwalk. The current wedding/event lawn will remain where it is, but include new terraced seating facing the lake. Main beach parking will remain largely unchanged, other than reversing its location and losing one parking spot.

So when will all of these fabulous new upgrades begin to take shape?  According to the public works director, its going to be about an 18 month process. some serious rebuilding and funding need to happen before local Tahoe residents will see the upgrades to their local beach.


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