President Obama Coming to South Lake Tahoe!

On Wednesday, August 31st, 2016 President Obama will be making a keynote speech during the 20th Anniversary Lake Tahoe Summit at Harvey’s Outdoor Arena.

The Summit is an annual event in which federal, state, and local government officials come together to express the importance of preserving beautiful Lake Tahoe and other environmental monuments.

Obama is set to speak on climate change and his personal efforts in boosting environmental preservation.

This particular Lake Tahoe Summit is additionally special as it is Nevada Senator Harry Reid’s last time hosting the event as an elected official. Reid is retiring from office after 29 years in the United States Senate. He initiated The Summit 20 years ago, and has been fervently dedicated to preserving Tahoe for even longer.

If this Lake Tahoe Summit wasn’t exciting enough as is, rock band The Killers will be performing during the one-day event as well.

There are 7,200 seats at Harvey’s Outdoor Arena, and with the amazing lineup for the day unfortunately all those seats have already been filled. But keep an eye out here for last minute chances to grab a seat from someone who had a change of plans.

Doors for the event open at 11:30am and festivities are scheduled to begin at 1:30pm.

RnR Vacation Rentals is proud to manage homes in the vicinity of the environmental treasure that is blue Lake Tahoe. If you are currently staying in one of our homes: beware of the crowds, keep an eye out for the leader of our nation, and crack a window to hear The Killers kick off this rockin’ historical event.


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