Christmas Cheer: Finding a Tree & Rerouting Santa

Your bags are all packed, the gingerbread cookies are in tow, the stockings are ready to be hung, everyone is prepared for their South Lake Tahoe Christmas vacation — but what about the tree? And how will Santa know where to find us?? No need to fear, we can help with all holiday cheer!

Where to find Christmas trees in South Lake Tahoe: 

  • The tree lot at Lakeview Commons across from El Dorado Beach
    • Proceeds go to South Lake Tahoe youth organizations
    • Click here for directions

  • The tree lot at The American Legion location just off of highway 50
    • Click here for directions


After you get your tree, trim it properly, and decorate it with ornaments, the only thing left to do is wait for the skirt underneath to be adorned with presents delivered by Santa Claus. Are your little ones concerned Santa & his reindeer won’t know where to find them since Christmas is going to be spent in a vacation home this year? Instead of fretting, show them this helpful link put together by HomeAway:

It’s as simple as entering your name, telling Santa where you’re from, and telling him you’ll be in South Lake Tahoe on Christmas. You’ll even receive a digital letter from Santa himself assuring your child he knows where to find them. You and your children can rest easy on Christmas Eve knowing Santa is on his way!


Merry Christmas and happy holidays from all of us here at

RnR Vacation Rentals!


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