Getting Around South Lake Tahoe

So you’ve made it to South Lake Tahoe, settled into your vacation rental, rented your ski and snowboard gear, and now all you need is a way to get to the mountain. Or perhaps you’re all gussied up and ready to try your hand at the casinos, but you need a lift to Stateline. Whether you’re out for a daily adventure or a night on the town, South Lake Tahoe has options when it comes to getting around.

On-Demand Ride Apps

Both Lyft and Uber are available in South Lake Tahoe. In order to utilize them, you need to download their apps on your smartphone. If you are traveling with a larger group, you can request a Lyft Plus for 6 passengers or more. Or if you are traveling with ski/snowboard gear, you can request an Uber Ski or uberXL. A ride with Lyft or Uber will vary in price dependent upon the time of day, length of trip, and volume of demand around town.

Check out this Uber ride option that would take just 5 minutes to beckon a car to go from our Bijou’s Best home to Heavenly Mountain Resort, with the choice of uberX (regular ride), SKI (a ride prepared to handle to your snow gear), and uberXL (for larger groups).


Public Transit

South Lake Tahoe has multiple affordable transportation systems around town. Keep an eye out for buses and bus stops with the BlueGO logo on them. There are daytime and late night bus options, so you can rely on the city any time of your stay. The Tahoe Transportation District offers up-to-date schedules of routes, times, and costs on their website and on this helpful map.


The Tahoe Transportation District also offers a specific Winter Skier Shuttle up the Heavenly. With both eastbound and westbound routes running from 8:00am-6:00pm daily, you can hitch a ride to the resort with your gear in tow on these buses. Click the image below for more details.


How do you know which option is best?

If you simply can’t decide whether to take a private on-demand car like Lyft or Uber, wait for the local buses, or use your own two legs, then download the app Swiftly to your phone. Swiftly does the work for you by gathering information about travel options, trip times, and costs. Simply enter your starting location and final destination, and Swiftly will populate each choice you have to complete your route.

For instance, take a peek at this Swiftly image offering trip options from our Lakeland Village #603 See & Ski home to Harveys Lake Tahoe casino at Stateline.


The app shows you how long it takes to walk or ride a bike (not to mention how many calories you’d burn), the bus time and cost, or an uberX time and cost. You can click on your preferred method and get more details about walking directions, bus routes, or allow Swiftly to open the Uber app for you to continue booking the ride.

When you visit South Lake Tahoe, the city has you covered when it comes to transit. And RnR Vacation Rentals has you covered when it comes to finding a place to rest your feet after a day of successfully getting around town. Give us a call at 530-208-5001 or visit our website at and let us help you find the perfect place to play & stay.


3 thoughts on “Getting Around South Lake Tahoe

    • RnRVacationRentals says:

      Hi Tim,

      That is a great question. In my experience last year, I was able to get both an Uber and Lyft within 20 minutes in late December and mid-January. However, the number of Uber and Lyft drivers is always fluctuating, and the demand is greater now that both companies are gaining popularity, so I don’t want to guarantee the same results this year. My hope would be that you will be able to get a ride with the same ease this year. Also, you can always try for a shared ride option on the apps, which allows you to split the fare and the backseat with someone else going in the same direction as you.

      RnR Vacation Rentals

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