Jack Johnson in South Lake Tahoe This Weekend with a Blue Purpose

The long awaited return of Jack Johnson’s melodious music is nearly here. His 7th studio album, All the Light Above it Too, will be released on September 8th.

Johnson will be performing new songs and old at two shows in South Lake Tahoe This Weekend.

When: Friday, July 28th + Saturday, July 29th
Where: Outdoor Arena at Harveys
Get Tickets: Still available at ticketmaster.com

Jack Johnson is not only spreading his musical vibes, he’s also spreading environmental awareness. At each concert venue, Johnson and his team are selling reusable pint cups to reduce single-use plastic cup waste. You can purchase yours to fill at the Outdoor Arena at Harveys this weekend.

JJ with Cup in Concert

Keep Tahoe Blue League to Save Lake Tahoe is also partnering with Jack Johnson and his All at Once campaign to raise money for the most green local effort–keeping the lake blue! If you donate this weekend through July 31st, All at Once will match donations, doubling the effort to preserve beautiful Lake Tahoe.

Donate here: https://donate.keeptahoeblue.org/checkout/donation?eid=66118


LimeBikes Hit the Scene in South Lake Tahoe

Have you been noticing a wave of bright green bikes parked around town or whizzing down the streets of South Lake Tahoe? This is not just newest hipster bike trend–it’s LimeBikes!

LimeBikes are a bike sharing network company based out California. The idea is to have bikes available to all community members to ride around various areas for a small price, without having to check the bikes into a stationary location.

LimeBike App on Iphone

How does it work? A LimeBike trip requires three items: a bike, your body, and a smartphone app. You download the app, use it to locate a LimeBike bicycle, scan the QR code on the bike with your phone to unlock it, and hop on your ride. After you’re done riding, lock the rear wheel into place, leave the bike, and go about your next adventure.

Watch the LimeBike official video on how this process works: https://www.limebike.com/#lime

How much does it cost and how do you pay? The bikes are currently $1 for every half hour or less ride. Within the app, load money into your account using your credit card information. You can load a little money or a lot of money. If you anticipate many rides and load more money onto your account, you may be able to earn discounts or free rides. If you do not end up riding very much, the deposits are refundable. Good news: your first ride anywhere is free–the best price!

Where can you leave your LimeBike? You can leave it in any safe location. LimeBike.com suggests “places that don’t  block car traffic, impede pedestrian access, or encroach on private property. ”

Need more information? Just ask a LimeBike rep around town! There are 200 bikes in the South Lake Tahoe area, and LimeBike representatives are riding a handful of those throughout the city in order to promote the idea. You can spot them with a LimeBike backpack or other brand gear.

The LimeBike bicycles are fixed-gear bikes, which means you won’t have gears to shift. They also do not come with helmets. If you are looking for a helmet to rent, a bike that can handle an incline or rocky ridge, or a bike mechanic, then please visit one of South Lake Tahoe’s phenomenal local bike shops:

The bikes are currently on a trial basis in SLT, and they  will be disappearing in October once the weather starts to cool, so don’t miss the opportunity to try out a LimeBike today. It is time to reduce car traffic and increase cycling adventures around South Lake Tahoe. Download the app and start riding today!

Featured image by Kate Arnold at Lakeview Commons.

American Century Celebrity Golf Championship 2017

The clubs are swinging and the celebrities are among us at this year’s American Century Celebrity Golf Championship at the Edgewood Tahoe South course.

For July 11th – July 16th, a mix of athletes and entertainers have brought their A-game to the shores of South Lake Tahoe to battle it out in a tournament of celeb-am competition. Make a trip to Edgewood to see Steph Curry tee up or Justin Timberlake drive one down the fairway, and try not to drool with glee on the green.

Feel like admiring the sport and adoring the players? Here’s what you need to know:

  • No need to sneak around the shores, you can purchase tickets to attend.
    • Tuesday – Thursday: $20.00 per day
    • Friday – Sunday: $30.00 per day
    • Patron Badge/Season Pass: $70.00 ( can be used any/all days)
    • Ages 10 and under free with a paying adult, 2 children per adult
  • Tickets may be purchased on-site at Edgewood’s front gate, or online by clicking here: http://americancenturychampionship.com/spectator-information/tickets-packages/
  • Some things to note: the gates will be open 7:00am – 2:00pm Friday – Sunday, and there is no re-entry with the purchase of a daily ticket.
  • If you do plan on attending the event, please visit the official website of Edgewood to learn about conduct & etiquette, prohibited items, safety, and other regulations of respect.

If you simply can’t miss out on the action this weekend, head on over to RnR Vacation Rentals and give us a click at RnRvr.com or call at 855-99-TAHOE so we can connect you with a vacation home to continue making memories in. We only have a few left, so act fast! Or plan ahead for next year and book today.


Available now! Blitzen Bliss, Lakeland Village #480, and Wintershire at South Lake Tahoe.

Featured image courtesy of http://americancenturychampionship.com/videos-photos/.

Keep Tahoe Blue Beach Cleanup Success!

Fireworks were launched, picnics were had, sparklers were ignited, and fun was shared all throughout South Lake Tahoe on the 4th of July. This left our beaches quite messy after the celebration–but no fear, Keep Tahoe Blue was here!

All of us here at RnR Vacation Rentals had the best time partnering with Keep Tahoe Blue League to Save Lake Tahoe during their annual 5th of July beach cleanups.

Throughout the morning and along six different beaches, there was a total of:

  • 320 volunteers out there with trash bags and gloved-hands
  • 1,676 pounds of trash collected and sorted
  • 5,242 cigarette butts removed from the depths of the sand
  • 6,357 pieces of plastic found and sent to be recycled
*Totals provided by Keep Tahoe Blue League to Save Lake Tahoe 

A huge thanks to all who came out to participate! We are already looking forward to providing refreshments, raffle prizes, and smiles again next year.