Dog-Friendly Activities in South Lake Tahoe

How could it be a vacation without your best furry friend by your side? South Lake Tahoe embraces puppy love with plenty of options to dine, play, and stay with your dog.

RnR Vacation Rentals has a wide selection of homes available that are pet-friendly, and we also know how to plan a day out with your pooch. Here are our recommendations for dog days in the SLT area.

Restaurants: Craving a burger with your best bud? A brew with your Scooby-Doo? Each of these restaurants is dog-friendly with outdoor seating.

  1. McP’s Taphouse
  2. Izzy’s Burger Spa 
  3. Sprout’s Cafe
  4. The Brewery at Lake Tahoe
  5. Meyer’s Downtown Cafe
  6. Blue Angel Cafe
  7. Find more pet-welcoming restaurants on

Beaches: The lakeshore is just better with your four-legged friend. Take your dog on walks on the trails or along the sand lining the lake, or even let them swim at designated locations.

  1. Regan Beach —  the eastern end of Regan Beach has a “water dog park” where pups are allowed in the lake to fetch, swim, and SUP with you.
  2. Kiva Beach — dogs are allowed on leash, but no swimming for them here.
  3. El Dorado — dogs are allowed on leash, but no swimming for them here.
  4. Nevada Beach — dogs are allowed on leash on the shoreline and near the campground, but no swimming for them here.
  5. Camp Richardson — dogs are allowed on leash in the picnic areas, but no swimming for them here.

Hikes: Vacation is all about exploration, and your tail-wagger should be able to help you up the hard hills, so here are some pet-okay-ed trails.

  1. Fallen Leaf Lake (your dog can swim here too!)
  2. Echo Lake (your dog can swim here too!)
  3. Pope Baldwin Bike Path
  4. Van Sickle Rim Trail
  5. Discover more dog-friendly trails on

Dog Park: South Lake Tahoe has room to roam for you and your dog throughout the Bijou Park neighborhood–you might both even make a new friend!

  1. Bijou Dog Park — We manage two homes that are just down the street from this dog park: check out our Bijou’s Best 4 bedroom and our Craig’s Cozy Cabin 2 bedroom (both dog-friendly, of course!).

Doggy Daycare: Itching for an adventure that isn’t quite as dog friendly? Leave your pup with someone you can trust.

  1. Tahoe Best Friends 
  2. Tahoe Tails and Trails 

Emergency Services: Having your fur-baby hurting can really put a damper on any vacation. Rest assured, South Lake Tahoe has emergency veterinary services available.

  1. Sierra Veterinary Hospital 
  2. Alpine Animal Hospital

At RnR Vacation Rentals, we currently manage 21 homes that allow dogs. Inquire at, send us an email at, or give us a call at 855-99-TAHOE and we’d be happy to find you the most paw-some home for your stay.

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