League to Save Lake Tahoe 5th of July Beach Cleanup

Come join RnR Vacation Rentals at Kiva Beach as we partner with Keep Tahoe Blue League to Save Lake Tahoe in their annual Keep Tahoe Red, White and Blue Beach Cleanup event. This is one of our favorite events of the year to participate in, and we would love for you to participate too!

The shores of Lake Tahoe can get pretty messy after Independence Day, so come help us re-beautify the beaches in an effort to preserve the region and maintain water clarity.

2018 Kiva Beach site

More Information on Kiva Beach Location

Where: Kiva Beach picnic area next to the Tallac Historic Site

Directions: From Emerald Bay Road, make a right into the Tallac Historic Site, veer right at the fork, and park in the Historic Site parking lot

When: 8:30am – 12:00pm, Thursday July 5th, 2018

What else: There will be a raffle with great prizes for all cleanup volunteers who make it through until the end

What to bring: A reusable water bottle, sunscreen and/or a hat, gloves if you have them, and a smile! (All cleanup supplies will be provided)

RSVP: On the Keep Tahoe Blue website, or on Facebook

We hope to see you out there on the 5th of July!


The crew from last year’s cleanup

The Bears are Back in SLT (again!) – How to Stay Safe and Respectful

It’s that time of year again: the time for boating adventures, barbecuing on the back deck, and black bears. That’s right, hibernation season is over and the American Black Bears are ready to check out the new neighbors throughout South Lake Tahoe. Whether you are a year-round resident or just visiting the area for a vacation, we have a few friendly tips for you about how to stay safe and respectful of these big beautiful creatures.

There are several black bear families that frequent the neighborhoods throughout South Lake Tahoe. Their biggest goal is not unlike humans–to eat! While black bears are not aggressive toward humans by nature, they are large animals who can do quite a bit of damage while hunting down a good meal (we all know how it feels to get hangry).

Here are a few tips and tricks for sharing your vacation with black bear neighbors:

  • Don’t Invite the Bears over for Dinner
    • Never leave food outside your vacation home.
    • Clean your BBQs after each use.
    • For trash, use the designated bear box on the property, or put full garbage bags in the garage as instructed within each home.
    • Close and lock all windows and doors at night, an open window can let out delicious lingering scents from dinner.
  • Don’t Offer them a Ride
    • Clean out your car once you get to your vacation rental.
    • Don’t leave any food, food wrappers, perfumes, or scented lotions in vehicles.
    • Avoid scented air fresheners that may entice a furry friend.
  • Do Respect their Space!
    • If you see a bear in your neighborhood, do not run. Stand tall, make loud noises, retreat slowly.
    • If you see a bear in the woods, know that you are in their home. Do not run, make eye contact without staring intensely, stand as tall as possible, stay quiet and calm but large in this setting, and retreat slowly.
    • In any setting, do not get in their path or between a mom and her cubs. Let the bears do their thing while keeping a safe and respectful distance.
  • Take a Mental Picture, Not a Belfie
    • In past summers, a popular trend was taking selfies with bears–please avoid this at all costs!
    • Enjoy the unique experience of seeing a neighborhood black bear by taking a mental picture, or using your camera’s zoom feature from a safe distance.


Black Bear in SLT Neighborhood – Taken with Zoom Feature on iPhone

While black bears’ natural habitat is in the woods, there are a few bear families that have grown accustomed to the city life–City of South Lake Tahoe that is.

Neighborhoods with known bears or bear families include: the Tahoe Island community, throughout the Tahoe Keys, Bijou neighborhoods, and most recently the Heavenly Valley area.

Bears in these neighborhoods have gotten used to perusing the streets, yards, and good-smelling vehicles for food. They are growing more and more comfortable with humans around. This does not mean you should find out what a bear hug is really all about. Instead, follow the above guidelines and soak in the experience of watching them live from the comforts of the great indoors of your vacation rental.

If you ever do encounter a bear while on vacation, don’t panic, but do call Bear League at 530-525-7297.

For more bear knowledge and safety guidelines: