Property Management

The RnR Vacation Rental Advantage-We Book Better!

RnR Vacation Rentals is a full-service vacation rental management firm based in South Lake Tahoe, California. We maximize revenue for homeowners and remove the hassle of managing a second home. Our combination of better marketing, thorough guest screening, sophisticated booking technology and rare service-oriented philosophy ensures the most satisfied homeowners and happy guests.

At RnR Vacation Rentals, we have loyal homeowners that are generating more income than ever from their second home, thanks to our full calendars and service-oriented philosophy.

Better Occupancy

Your home is competing with over 2,000 vacation rentals in the South Lake Tahoe area. As a result, the first home owner or management company to respond to a guest inquiry is often the home that is booked. Our goal is to respond with a personalized answer within minutes. Auto-response is convenient, but not likely to win the booking. In addition, we adjust pricing to maximize occupancy, and set minimum stays that will result in full calendars and back-to-back bookings, while minimizing gaps in calendars.

Better Guests

You can’t always predict how a guest will treat your home, but with our thorough screening process we are careful to match the right home to the group, to ensure the best outcome for both the homeowner and the guest. If we feel a group is not suited for the property, we will decline their reservation and refer them to another property, often times outside of our portfolio.

Better Home Care

The most important factor in securing great guest reviews lies in the first impression—the cleanliness and condition of your home. Our service team is diligent about cleaning, quality assurance, and inspecting the home before the guest checks in and after the guest checks out. We care for your home as if it were our own, and will take on both small and large tasks between bookings to make sure the first impression is a great one!

Better Marketing

Given the growth in the vacation rental industry resulting in more homes to choose from and huge public companies entering this space, it is harder and harder for your home to stand out. Traditional marketing techniques, used by older established rental management firms no longer work. At RnR, we leverage the most popular online advertising channels, and ensure that the homes in our portfolio rank high in the search process. It is our job to make your home stand out.

Better Reviews

Today’s online community is driven by reviews. We strive to ensure a 5-star experience, and ask our guests to share their opinion. We take all feedback seriously, and will address any issues with our homeowners to improve the guest experience and generate positive reviews.

Better Revenue

The formula is simple. When we deliver better occupancy, better guests, better home care, better marketing and better reviews, you get better revenue.


Property Marketing

  • Nightly pricing analysis and recommendation
  • Compelling photography that sells
  • High-impact property descriptions
  • Placement on high-traffic traveler web sites
  • Dedicated social media
  • Promotions management
  • Securing reviews

Property Management

  • Deep cleaning, linen service, hot tub service
  • Check-in preparation and check-out inspection
  • Inventory management
  • Regular identification of needed improvements
  • Proactive home repairs and project management
  • Support for A/V systems and home automation
  • Sourcing services as needed such as: gardening, snow removal, etc.On-call and guest support, local contact

Guest Management

  • Reservation services
  • Phone and email communications with prospective guests
  • Guest screening
  • Rental agreement processing, payment collections, deposit refunds, travel insurance
  • Local area knowledge and recommendations

The Personal Difference

RnR Vacation Rentals strives to maximize revenue for the homeowner by booking more and longer stays, providing aggressive marketing for their property, and generating five-star guest reviews. Unlike older vacation rental management firms in the South Lake Tahoe area, RnR Vacation Rentals maintains a small carefully chosen inventory of homes, and offers personalized service for both the homeowner and the guest. We book better–allowing homeowners to profit from their investment so they can relax and fully enjoy their vacation home.

Contact Us

To discuss transferring your vacation rental management to RnR Vacation Rentals, or for assistance in cash flow analysis on the purchase of a second home, please contact Stu and Diana Roberson at 855-99-TAHOE or send email to

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