Ways We Can Protect Our Beautiful Lake This Earth Day

Visitors and residents of South Lake Tahoe know what a treasure our beautiful lake is.


Earth Day is an important time to reflect on how we can make a difference and keep our lake beautiful, blue, and clean for years to come.

The League to Save Lake Tahoe is an incredible organization based right here in South Lake that works tirelessly to “Keep Tahoe Blue“. Consider making a donation this Earth Day to local organizations like The League who work everyday to protect our amazing lake.

CLICK HERE to donate to The League to Save Lake Tahoe this Earth Day!

You can also check out all the local Earth Day festivities here.


At RnR Vacation Rentals we work to make a difference with every guest that says at one of our homes and that’s why we’re a corporate sponsor of The League to Save Lake Tahoe.

Just last year, we hosted over 2,000 groups in one of our homes and each guest that stayed with us received a “Keep Tahoe Blue” information sheet and donation card as well as a reusable bag in order to cut down on plastic during their stay.

Another sustainable amenity we are very proud of is our reusable toiletry bottles. In the past two years of using re-fillable shampoo and conditioner bottles we’ve stopped more than 16,000 plastic bottles from making their way to the landfill.

There is no better reminder as to why we must be good stewards of our planet than to experience such a specular natural wonder like Lake Tahoe. We love our our lake and hope you come and visit soon to see her for yourself!




Three Tips for Working Remotely in Lake Tahoe

According to the market research firm Gallup, 43% of American employees work remotely and the percentage is growing yearly. If you are part of the remote working population consider a change of scenery – a workation in South Lake Tahoe!

Lake Tahoe knows all about working hard and playing harder. You can work and play in South Shore productively with these tips for a successful workation.

Staying with RnR Vacation Rentals on your workation means you’ll have access to high-speed internet and some of the world’s best views all in one place! We have a selection of homes with work stations and relaxation available right on property. There’s nothing better after a hard days work then some good old-fashioned mountain magic.

Tip #1  Find the Perfect Work Space

Set a designated work space for the duration of your stay. This will help keep you organized and on task. At Windows on the Water there are a variety of work spaces to choose from. We especially love this one tucked away with a peek-a-boo view of the water and Mt. Tallac. When you’re in dire need of a break, there’s even a hot tub right on the deck! Nourish your body & mind; Collect your thoughts or lose them, either way you’ll enjoy it.


Tip #2 Block Out Time for Work and Play

Some methods of time management we’ve found helpful are time blocking and The Pomodoro Technique. What time of day are you most productive? Are you a morning person, or do you do the afternoon crunch? Once you decide that, you can assign the other times of day to fun and relaxation. Time blocking is also great for projects that have multiple steps. Pull out your calendar or planner and just block out times of the day for when to work, to break, and to play. planning

Maybe you’re vacationing with family or you have a tendency to let your thoughts wander; try The Pomodoro Technique. For this, you simply set a timer and keep a piece of paper handy. Set timer for 25 minutes of work and 5 minute breaks. When time is up, use the paper to write down other tasks that came to mind while working and the rest of the 5 minutes for rest. Staying at Heavenly Charm means you can take your break hanging out with a view.


Tip #3 Unplug From Social Media

socialmediaTurn off or remove social media from the workation flow. TeamLease World of Work Report reported in their study that  social media alone accounts for a 13% drop in productivity. Beyond immediately removing your attention from a task, social media can hinder your mind from becoming focused for longer periods of time.

Plus, you’re in Lake Tahoe, give your eyes a rest from the screen and enjoy the view! Bring your boat and get one of the best views around. Tahoe Keys Marina Modern is right on the water with a boat slip! Tahoe Woods 504 is just a short walk down the casinos, restaurants, and trails and beach access! These homes have a variety of workspaces and many outdoor areas to set up shop, too.

For anyone coming to enjoy what South Lake Tahoe has to offer who will also have to do some work, use these tips and take a look at our homes with designated work stations and high speed internet:

Fit for Three Kings

Wintershire at South Lake Tahoe

Alice Lake Charming Luxury at Tahoe

Heavenly Grotto #9

Tahoe Flyer

Calm Water Cabin

Only Good Times